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 Slayer Guide - Ironman

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PostSubject: Slayer Guide - Ironman   Slayer Guide - Ironman EmptyThu Mar 24, 2016 1:39 pm

Slayer is one of the most prestigious and awarding skills a player can have. Project-Divine has an advanced slayer system made up of 4 primary slayer masters, and a wilderness master. I'm making this guide here to help some of you find the many different slayer monsters.

First of all, this is a map of where to locate each slayer master.
Vannaka - No requirements     Red
Duradel - 60 Combat              Blue
Sumona 95 Combat               Green
Kuradel- 120 Combat             Black

Slayer Guide - Ironman Slayer12

Once you get your task, you can view what the task is and how many kills are left in the quest tab.

Slayer Guide - Ironman Quest_10

Now that you have your slayer task, let me show you how you get to your task.

Open the spellbook, then select either monsters teleport or the city teleport, shown below

Slayer Guide - Ironman Spellb10

The monsters teleport gives you a list of dungeons and training areas

Slayer Guide - Ironman Spellb11

There is also a Magic Portal at home with more monsters!

Slayer Guide - Ironman Magic_10

Slayer Guide - Ironman Magic_11

That's a lot of different areas to find your slayer task.. So let me break some areas down. If this is your first slayer task, you will probably find it in Lumbridge.

Slayer Guide - Ironman Lumbri10

A majority of monsters can be found in the Slayer Tower, the Slayer Dungeon, the Taverly Dungeon, or the Brimhaven Dungeon.

*I cannot take credit for the creation of the Slayer Dungeons map. However I made the other 3.

Slayer Guide - Ironman Slayer13

Slayer Guide - Ironman Slayer10

Slayer Guide - Ironman Taverl11

Slayer Guide - Ironman Brimha10

I couldn't find a good map to use for all the dungeons, so this is the best I could do.

The following are found in the Magic portal

     Edgeville dungeon:

Hill Giants are to the South
If you go North, then East, you will find:
Brine Rats

Continue through the gate and go North to the obstacle pipe, and enter it

Here there are:
Warped Tortoises
Warped Terrorbirds

The ice dungeon is full of:

Ice warriors (east)
Ice giants (east)

Follow Southeast to the icy cavern, where you find:

Mithril dragons
Frost dragons

Slayer Guide - Ironman Ice_du10

The dagganoth lair has a ladder that splits between dagganoths and strykewyrms. There are:

Jungle strykewyrms
Desert strykewyrms
Ice strykewyrms

Karamja Jungle has:

Jungle Horrors to the South.
Skeletal Wyverns to the Northeast.

Kalphite lair: (follow the tunnel)

Kalphite Workers
Kalphite Soldiers
Kalphite Guardians

The is all there is for lairs and dungeons! However there are still a few stragglers out there! Here is a list in alphabetical order and where they are.

Al Kharid Warriors can be found in the Al Kharid castle
Baby red dragons are in the dragons dungeon, passed the red dragons
Dwarves are on the Ice Mountain, between Edgeville and Falador
Fever spiders are in the falador park
Ghouls are southwest of the slayer tower
Goraks have their own teleport in the magic portal
Green dragons in the wilderness (PK tele, lvl 26 blue dragons, southeast)
Grizzly bears are Southeast of Varrock (near the mine).
Imps are east of Seers Village(Skills teleport, woodcutting)
King Black Dragon is in the boss teleport page
Living rock protectors and strikers in the Falador mine (Skills teleport, mine)
Molanisks are Northeast of Canifis (City teleport, Canifis)
Ogres have a teleport in the Magic portal.
Otherworldly beings in the pink portal at home,then head far Southwest
Scorpions can be found in the Al Kharid mine.
Red dragons are in the dragons dungeon (Monsters teleport)
Rock crabs have their own teleport in the monsters teleport
Scorpions can be found in the Al Kharid mine (City teleport, Lumbridge)
Shadow spider
Werewolves are in the center of Canifis (City teleport, Canifis)

As you can see I put a few monsters without locations, I will find out the locations and have them posted by the end of the day.

I have a separate thread for the Wilderness slayer master and map of the Wilderness.
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where are vyrewatch's man?

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PostSubject: Re: Slayer Guide - Ironman   Slayer Guide - Ironman EmptyWed Apr 13, 2016 11:44 pm

smp163 wrote:
where are vyrewatch's man?
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Slayer Guide - Ironman Empty
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Slayer Guide - Ironman
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