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 Herblore Guide

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Mod Caleb

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PostSubject: Herblore Guide   Herblore Guide EmptySun Apr 01, 2018 6:32 pm

Hello all, here is a simple guide for herblore. As of now, you can only buy herbs from the shop in the Prifddinas area, or in the super donator zone, however you can always get them as drops or from farming.

Seed -----------Farming Level---Herblore Level to clean----Type of Potion-----Herb Level to make Potion

Guam-----------------1 --------------------1--------------------Attack-----------------------1
Toadflax--------------38-------------------30-------------------Saradomin Brew------------81
Irit--------------------44-------------------40-------------------Super Attack-----------------45
Avantoe--------------50-------------------48-------------------Super AntiPoisen-------------50
Kwuarm--------------56-------------------54-------------------Super Strength---------------55
Snapdragon----------62-------------------59-------------------Super Restore----------------63
Cadantine------------67-------------------65-------------------Super Defence----------------66
Dwarf Weed----------79-------------------70-------------------Ranging------------------------72
Torstol----------------85-------------------75-------------------Magic Potion-------------------78

Super Energy + Papaya Fruit = Recover Special - 84 Herblore Requirement
Antifire + Torstol = Super antifire - 85 Herblore Requirement
Super Attack + Avantoe = Extreme Attack - 88 Herblore Requirement
Super Strength + Dwarf Weed = Extreme Strengt - 89 Herblore Requirement
Super Defence + Lantadyme = Extreme Defence - 90 Herblore Requirement
Magic + Snapdragon = Extreme Magic - 91 Herblore Requirement
Ranging + Dwarf Weed = Extreme Ranging - 92 Herblore Requirement
Prayer + bonemeal = Super Prayer - 94 Herblore Requirement
Extreme Attack + Extreme Strength + Extreme Defence + Extreme Magic + Extreme Range + Torstol = Overload -
96 Herblore Requirement
Super Prayer + Ourg Bones = Prayer Renewal - 97 Herblore Requirement

Thank you for reading. Good luck.

This guide was originally written by Mod Brandon, but I have also added a few newer items to it!

Another note - Bonemeal can be obtained by killing skeletal wyverns and using their bones with the pestle and mortar!

Kind regards and happy gaming!

- Mod Caleb king

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Herblore Guide
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