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PostSubject: GLITCHES FIXED   GLITCHES FIXED EmptyMon Apr 25, 2016 10:32 pm

Ladies and Gents,
Nerds and Nerdets,

We've have a few rough patches the last 2 months with dealing with hackers and random disconnections. These tough issues have caused a lot of traffic coming in and out, however these 2 major problems have come to an end. Today Mod Brandon found the cause of the disconnections, and Mod Caleb has found a way to prevent hacking.

Now that our problems are gone, we can continue to grow again. We would all like to see this unique server grow to the top, so let's take it there. From now on any referred players will be rewarded with a Crystal Key and a Dragon Token. If the players choose to stay you will be rewarded extra. Any advertisement videos or such will also be rewarded.

As we hit milestones we will release times and dates of drop parties to celebrate the fantastic work that I foresee you all doing. With that said I would like to thank Mod Caleb, Mod James, and Mod Brandon for the fantastic work of making the server what it is today, so let's treat them back with success!

Best regards,

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