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PostSubject: OFFICIAL DROP LIST/RATE.   OFFICIAL DROP LIST/RATE. EmptySat Apr 16, 2016 11:32 am

Hello guys today I will be posting an full and accurate drop/rate list.

Nex: Torva, Virtus, Pernix, Zaryte Bow. Rate: 1:10
Nomad: Ganodermic, Red/Blue Cape, 250m cash. Rate: 1:16
Jungle Demon: Claws, Sol, Dragon Platebody, Dfs, 55m Cash, Omni Staff Rate: 1:25
Corporeal Beast: Spirit shield sigils, Blessed Spirit shield, spirit shield, Holy Elixir Rate: 1:15
Bork: Steadfast, Ragefires, and Glaiven Boots Rate 1:20
King Black Dragon: Draconic Visage, Dragon platelegs, Dragon full helm Rate: 1:20
Daggonoth Kings: Berserker, Warrior, Farseer, Archer Rings, Dragon Hatchet. Rate: 1:10

Chaos Elemental: Statius/Vestas/Morrigans/Zuriels Rate: 1:35
Balance Elemental: Statius/Vestas/Morrigans/Zuriels Rate 1:25

Note: All Godwars minions drop the same as their masters at a rate of 1:50
General Graardor: Full Bandos, Bandos Hilt. Rate: 1:18
Commander Zilyania: Sara hilt, sara sword, Armadyl Crossbow Rate :1:17
Kril Tsutharoth: Zamorak Hilt, Zamorak Spear, Promethium Rapier/Kite Rate: 1:18
Kree'Arra: Full Armadyl, Armadyl Hilt Rate: 1:15

Note these next two bosses do NOT try to SOLO/DUO bring a team. if you go and die you will not be refunded you have been warned.
Avatar of Destruction: Yellow/green phat, Santa, All Hweens, Vestas/Statius Rate: 1:30
Avatar of Creation: Red/purple phat, Santa, Hweens, Vestas/Statius Rate: 1:30
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