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 Smp163 staff application

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Smp163 staff application Empty
PostSubject: Smp163 staff application   Smp163 staff application EmptyMon Apr 11, 2016 5:51 am

The Basics: smp163
Screen name : smp163
Time zone : eastern
I am _x__male ____female (Mark one)
I am __23__ years old
I live in the great country of _australia_____
I can speak the __english_____ language(s)
___ I am in grade school. ___ I am in high school. ___I am in college. ___i am working
I can averagely play __10___ hours a day.

About the server:

How long have you been playing Runescape Private Servers? along time (9 years)
How long have you been playing Project Divine? like 1month

How familiar are you with PD's content? yes

Do you often talk to other players while training? all the time

Do you often help new players get things figured out? alot

Are you very active on the forums? yea

Have you brought in any players? If so, do they still play? yea and yes

Have you even been in a position of leadership in real life or as a Mod? server helper moderator admin and co-owner

Why do you think you deserve staff more than other applicants? (if you don't, you might as well stop filling this out and delete it) I am always active I always help someone when I'm on.

Are you willing to put helping players and staff before training your account? yes I always find time to train another time

What will you do to help build and sustain the community of Project Divine? get all my mates off skype to play that are all interested in runescape private servers

If there is anything else that might help distinguish you above your peers, this is the place to put it. For example, "I have experience with creating and editing recruitment videos for youtube." "I am proficient in photoshop" "The thing that motivates me to be staff is..." the thing that motivates me to be staff is I can help out more then I could do as a normal player

I thank you for putting yourself out there that you would like to join the staff team. Please keep in mind that although we are posting an application template, does not mean that we have current openings for staff. Hopefully in the near future we will rapidly grow and find the need for more team members. When the time comes we will hire the best qualified applicant.
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Smp163 staff application
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