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 Smp163 staff application

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Smp163 staff application Empty
PostSubject: Smp163 staff application   Smp163 staff application EmptySat Apr 02, 2016 1:01 pm

my in-game is Smp163
How old are you? I'm 23
What Country are you from? i'm from Australia
What languages do you speak? I speak english
How many other private servers have you played in the past? 4
How much experience do you have of being staff? a lot I have been mod and admin in 3 of my last server
What will you do to help out the community?: I will advertise on youtube and get my mates that love to play rsps through skype
Can you make YouTube videos and guides? I could if I had the gear on my laptop.
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Smp163 staff application
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