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 Staff Application (UPD) Serponge

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Staff Application (UPD) Serponge Empty
PostSubject: Staff Application (UPD) Serponge   Staff Application (UPD) Serponge EmptySat Mar 26, 2016 9:10 pm

he Basics: eyy lmeo.
Screen name : *Serponge*
Time zone : Eastern/9 PM.

I am a male

I am 14 years old

I live in the great country of Quebec/Canada

I can speak the French,English Languages.

I am in grade school.

I can averagely play up to 2-10 hours a day. (exept school days.)

I have been playing Runescape Private servers since 2011.

Around 2 days (but i really enjoy the server and its content, and the friendly community.)

I am a little bit familiar with stats and Xp rates and Drops.

I am very Social and i talk with alot of players, friendly welcomes to new players.

I help Players when they come in, i usually give 10-20m to them and tell them the basics to start.

I am pretty active on the forums from time to time.

No idea if i brought any players. since most of them dont remember the video they watched. but im sure i brought like 2-3.

i have been the leader of an rsps called PikaScape back in 2012. it didnt had much success xD.

Idc about my account, if theres a new player, lets start by him. he needs to start somewhere, doesnt he? Wink.

I will Make videos everyday, and also welcome the new players and be more active as possible.

I am a youtuber with 230 Subscribers (at the time i wrote this). and i also have a twitter and a facebook incase staffs needs to contact me urgently and etc.
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Staff Application (UPD) Serponge
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