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 Money Making guide / FASTEST WAY TO GET A GOOD GEAR!

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Money Making guide / FASTEST WAY TO GET A GOOD GEAR! Empty
PostSubject: Money Making guide / FASTEST WAY TO GET A GOOD GEAR!   Money Making guide / FASTEST WAY TO GET A GOOD GEAR! EmptyFri Mar 25, 2016 2:07 pm

Hello, i am Sir Serponge. and i am going to tell ya'll how i make some money in Project-Divine.

1. Dragons : dragons drops their bones wish you can use for prayer xp, allthough if you dont want to get 99 so soon. you can sell them at gen store. and i sold like 40 of them earier and i got 10m cash. i was suprised!

2. Camping low level monsters : they can drop basic shit like Sapphires,emeralds and etc. but thats not it. every monsters in game have a chance of dropping Crystal keys wish u can get unique drops from the chest! and also Dragon tokens to earn special points to buy even more unique stuff!

3. Theving : with thieving if you thieve and never sell your loot until 99 you will be guaranted to get over 10m cash. its not alot but youll be over with that skill Smile.

4. Slayer (if you get 75 slayer pretty quickly) you can kill gargoyles, and if you get gmauls you can sell them for a pretty fair ammount of money, not counting that if you get higher level you can kill abby demons to sell whips for 18m ea on gen store. Ez pz money!

5. Supporting the server : By Making videos, Staffs can pay you some money for the video! i made my first video and i got paid 7m. wish is pretty god to be honest! not even counting that the video could get lots of players to play with!



By doing slayer ofc. if you get slayer tasks like these

Easy task: 5-10 chaos points
Novice task : 11-15 pts
Medium task : 16-20 pts
Hard task 21-25 pts
Elite task : 26-30 pts
Chaos task : 31-40 pts.

The best Good gear for a starter would be

Fighter torso,Rune legs,Fury,Bring,Fcape or any kind of cape,slayer helm or Nezzy helm, Abby whip, Dboots, Bgloves, Dragon defender or rune defender.

How to get those?

Abby whip : 75 chaos points or Get 85 slayer and try to get it as a drop from abby demons.

Nezzy : buy from armour store for like 50k. / Slay helm : 60 Chaos points.

Torso : 40 chaos points.

Dboots : from armour store for a bit of coins.

Bgloves (idk honestly.)

Fcape : do Fight caves.

bring : buy from slayer shop (with chaos points) or camp dag rex.

Fury : get a onyx from Barrelchest and craft it with 90 Crafting then enchant it with the magic spell to enchant onyx jewellery.

rune legs : from armour store for like 50-60k.

Defender : from Warrior's guild (could take a while, dont expect a defender right away xD)

If this helped you in any ways, I am glad that it helped you! if you have any questions leave it down the Replies bellow!
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Money Making guide / FASTEST WAY TO GET A GOOD GEAR!
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