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 Beginner's Guide

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PostSubject: Beginner's Guide   Beginner's Guide EmptySun Mar 06, 2016 4:49 pm

Just so you are aware this is only a guide to getting started in Project-Divine, you obviously have freedom to do as you please (within the rules) but this guide is a guideline to help you get your starter kit and possibly levelling your combat stats up, if you are choosing to become a skiller for example just follow until you have got yourself your starter kit.

Welcome to the Beginner's guide and may I personally thank you for joining Project-Divine, when you join and have completed the tutorial, start by  using ::home which will take you to the home bank, then proceed into the bank and walk up past the deposit box, for people that don't know what that is it is the thing next to the shopkeeper (see image below), the chest there is where you can collect the starter kit. Once you have done that and have choosen the starter kit then you are ready to play. After you have gotten your starter kit, I personally would go and train at rock crabs which you can access by using the spellbook in the top right.

Beginner's Guide Divine12

Then you click the varrock teleport, which will bring up the list of monsters(don't worry it isn't all of them) choose rock crabs, then proceed to kill them until you have reached your desired level once from their enjoy yourself.

Beginner's Guide Divine11

Much love, Josh Cool
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Beginner's Guide
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