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 Play Now (Webclient or Download)

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Play Now (Webclient or Download) Empty
PostSubject: Play Now (Webclient or Download)   Play Now (Webclient or Download) EmptySat Feb 27, 2016 8:31 pm

Because of Java no longer being supported by google chrome, users must download the client or play with another web browser.

Here is the link for a free and easy to use download client:
Play Now (Webclient or Download) DLCLIENT_zpsxkfxkt5n

If you would like to use another web browser like Internet explorer or Mozilla Firefox, here is a link to a webclient.
Play Now (Webclient or Download) WEBCLIENT_zpskqsc0k1t

Link to Firefox:
Mozilla Firefox

If you try the webclient and it tells you that your security settings do not allow you to run the webclient, you will have to edit your security settings.
Changing your java security settings

We highly recommend you use the downloadable client, as there will be generally less issues.

Kind Regards -
The Project Divine Team king
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Play Now (Webclient or Download)
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