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PostSubject: Advertising   Advertising EmptyThu Jun 11, 2015 6:42 pm

k people, those who advertise will be rewarded accordingly. Also, those who vote on a regular basis will receive crystal keys. If you are able to advertise and get lots of players, here is a little bit of what you may be able to get.

The rewards are as follows, and here is my policy on obtaining the rewards. You must ask the player who recruited them, depending on your method of advertising, which I'll get into in a minute.
The players that you recruit must play long enough so that they are recognized by me, Thor, or Wretched. Otherwise I can't help you.

Basically if you advertise, like make a video or do whatever you do to get players, you will be generously rewarded. Every player that joins is a blessing. The more the marrier. If you get 1 or 2 players from a video talk to me or whoever and well reward you. If you get several players talk to us and we'll reward you. If you get more than several talk to us and well reward you. Based on the amount of recruited, we will reward you accordingly, if that makes any sense I don't know how to word that better haha lol.

Now if you don't know how to advertise I'm going to enlighten you. There are so many ways, you just can't be lazy, and you need LOTS of patience, as players just don't join a server when you spam their private server or website or whatever.

-Method 1: Advertise on another private server. Now when you do this, don't be an asshole about it. Don't join someone else's server and start spamming it with an auto typer. Join it and make friends with people, and when you feel your friendship with that person is strong enough, let them know about this server, trust me, they will be more than willing to try it out.

-Method 2: Advertise on Runescape Webclients. Go in their chatbox and follow their rules. We do have a client on their website so you should be good. However, take note that you will have to link them to our download client or else they won't have access to all of the servers many features.

-Method 3: Advertise on Youtube, make videos, or just comment on other runescape related videos. Leave the forum link in the description and move on to another video. Also, try other private server videos, people usually can get some players off of those. Leave comments also on videos that show how to dupe on a rsps, since players will be looking for that and will look at comments to see if the dupe is legit or not.

-Method 4: Advertise on real runescape. You may think this is a risk but it isn't lol, they probably will never catch us. When you advertise this way, do it the same was as on another server, don't put an auto typer on, make friends, or talk to friends you already have.

-Method 5: Go on Facebook or other social networks and get all your bros to play.
Also, all of you I know can vote, voting really helps, even though it may not seem like it.

That's about all for this post, I hope all of you have a nice day :p

Kind Regards -
Project Divine Team
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