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Article 1: Staff

Section 1: Ingame Staff

Subsection 1: Lead Developers(Mod Caleb)

Lead Developer's job: The lead developer's job in a nutshell is to code the server. However, not only do they code the server, they play the role as owner as well. The lead developers are also the main owners of the server, and are in charge of all of the staff. These players should be contacted for this reasons:

- To report a huge bug.
- To Report a problem with other staff.

Subsection 2: Player Support(Mod Wretched)
Player Support's job: The player support's job is very similar to that of a moderator. Their job is to help all of the players with any kind of problem, no matter how major or minor. They are to make sure that everyone online is having an enjoyable experience and if not they are to help them do so immediately Also assumes the role as an owner. Reasons to contact these players:

- To report bugs.
- To report a problem with other staff.

Subsection 3: Tech Support(Mod James)
The Tech support's job is to find as many bugs as possible using any type of method that can be done by a regular player. After they have a found a bug, they report it to one of the Lead Developers. Reasons to contact these players:

-Found a bug.

Subsection 4: Administrators (Mod Kendrick)

Administrator's job: An Administrator is there for more intense rule violators. Administrators are able to ban and mute users by IP Address when severe crimes are committed. The second part of their job is to watch the Moderators and teach them how to do their job. Administrators have more authority than moderators, so moderators should respect and listen to them.
These members shall be contacted for these reasons:

1. To report an abusive Moderator.
2. To destroy and advertiser. Note that administrators are allowed to ipban advertisers on sight.
3. To talk to an owner
4. To review an appeal on the forums to get unbanned/muted.
5. If you are having trouble with your account..

Subsection 5: Moderators

The moderator is one of the most important jobs on the server. Moderators are the backbone of the staff and their most important job is to keep players from quitting when they first join the server. Moderators are to have a large understanding of the server to be able to help any player with any problem. They should know things from simple npc drops to knowing where a certain npc is. Moderators are to always be ready when a new player joins the server and they are to greet them promptly.

1. To report a Player.
2. To ask a simple question.
3. To Help with simple account issues.
4. If you want to contact an Administrator.
5. If you need help with something, such as an npc location or how to obtain a certain item.

Section II: Forum Staff

Subsection 4: Forum Administrators (Mod Kendrick)

Forum Administrators have the full ability to moderate all the threads on the forums. They have full access to the administration panel as well. Their main job is to overlook the moderators and server support, Forum Administrators also over the Forum Moderators, and are to help them if they need it. player can lock, move, merge etc on all threads on the forums. Forum Administrators are also administrators on the Xat chat box. They should also make sure everything on the chat box is running slowly and discipline if needed.

Subsection 5: Moderators

This player has full ability to moderate all the threads on the forums, and their main job is to make sure players behave. They can lock, move, merge etc every post on the forums. Moderators are also moderators on the chat box as well.

Article III: Staff behavior

Section I: Staff behavior

Subsection I: Staff Behavior
Staff are to behave in a friendly way at all times. They are to respect everyone, no excuses.

Section II: Procedures

Subsection 1: In-game procedures

The procedures for dealing with rule-breakers.
1. Verbal Warning
2. A more intense verbal warning
3. Mute/Jail (depending on violation)
4. If violations continue:
5. Defer to administrator
6. Ban of the player. Level of ban may vary dependent on the violation.

Subsection II: Forum Procedures

The procedure for dealing with a rule violation on the forums is as follows:
1. Verbal Warning.
2. Second Verbal warning and an infraction if necessary.
3. Another infraction
4. If three infractions are received, there will a temporary or permanent suspension of the account.

Section III: Staff Abuse

Any staff that abuses their power in a method that is harmful to normal players or other staff, the following procedures will be followed.
1. Verbal Warning
2. A final verbal warning
3. Deferred to lead developer
4. Demotion
5. banned if necessary

Article IV: General Rules and Info

Section I: Ingame Chat and Forum

The rules for the Ingame Chat and Forum are as follows:
1. Keep Spamming to a minimum and don't post ENTIRELY off-topic. If anybody spams multiple times, then a warning will be given.
Spam on the forums is making posts containing one or only a few word, or posting completely off-topic.
This is either to gain post count or to troll. Some examples:
- People posting "bump." in less than 24 hour intervals.
- Completely posting off-topic.
- Posting nonsense such as "dawemxnzbbfsdkjfhls;dhssdfk".

2. Do not advertise any real world trading. Th only rwt authorized is via the donor shop.

3. Do not advertise any Runescape accounts, items, or cash.

4. Respect everybody.

5. Do not ask for real world information from any player you do not know in the real world.

6. If you are going to argue, do not do it in a public chat, take it to a clan chat, or to private chat.

7. Project Divine does not tolerate spamming of anything outside of the server.
You cannot advertise the following:
* A fellow website, or another community.
* A Youtube channel(Unless its for the server).
* Servers, Runescape, or any other game.
* Fansites (Must be approved.)
If caught spamming or advertising the above, you will be deferred to an administrator or moderator, it depends on the situation. On the forum this will lead to an ipban

8. Signatures should not be obnoxiously large. That's just annoying.

9. Nude pictures or any other explicit material as avatar/profile picture/signature isn't tolerated either. Posting them is obviously against the rules as well. For Pete's sake, we have children playing this game.

11. Impersonating a staff member will resolve in an instant ban/ipban.

12. Glitching is a reportable offence.Players will receive one warning if caught doing this. If it happens again a temporary ban may occur.

13. Threatening to shut down the server is an instant IP-Ban.

14. Please use the yell channel only when it's necessary, conversations should be held in the regular chat, clan chat, or through private chat.

15. Multi-logging is against the rules. Don't do it, however it is okay to transfer items between accounts that you have.

16. Please keep swearing to a minimum, no excessive swearing allowed otherwise action will be taken. Please don't direct swearing towards people.

Section II: Duping

Any kind of Item Duplication is not allowed. Anyone caught doing this (illegally) will be banned.

Section III: Appeals and Reports

Subsection I: Appeal a hacked/muted/banned account or loss of password

In order to receive any account support at all, the user must register a forum account, preferably with the same username as the ingame account. If the name is not available, include this information in your forum signature. In order to receive support you will need to post in the correct section with the given format. Also, you will need to wait until a staff member replies.
Patience is the key.

Subsection II: Report a player

Make sure when you are reporting a player you are constantly taking screenshots to get proof of what happened. There are always two stories.

Section 5: Trading

Trading items ingame is at your own risk. Staff will not refund items when being scammed. There is a second trade screen for a reason. When being scammed you are still allowed to post proof on the forum and report the scammer.
An Administrator will deal with these reports but will not refund your items.

Article V: Security

Section I: Real life questions

During your time in the Project-Divine Community, you should never be forced to answer questions that violate your real-life privacy, contact information, address or any other statements that allow anyone to know anything important about your off-screen everyday life. We here at Project-Divine have programs and methods that allow us to prevent or in some cases, stop, rude, and non-needing members, from ever making you feel uncomfortable as a single member. Make sure you report these so violators. Make sure you detailed information, so we can punish these violators as harshly as possible.

Section II: Identity

In this Community, we should not reveal our identity, as there are undetected pedophiles that use your identity, or image as a lead.
Never post the following information into your signatures or anywhere else on the forums.

* Social Media Information
* Your hometown or address.
* Any other important real world information.

The staff of Project-Divine will never ask your for any real world information, or personal information.

Section III: Account security

Your accounts are safe with the Project Divine database.
Our trusted Coders and Developers will never access your account unless necessary & requested.
Never use your Project Divine passwords as any other account password.

Section 4: Recovering your account

There are Several ways to make this happen
To recover one's account involves Character files. If you're having trouble recovering your account try the following.

1. Approach an owner, and ask him how he can assist you in this type of situation. once responded, follow directions and be patient!
-If an owner is unavailable, make a post in the forums, and they will get to it as soon as possible.

Another way of doing this is:

Contact a moderator or administrator, as they will defer you to an owner.

Note: Impatient and rude members will not be helped until they realize they need to respect the staff and other players.

-The end!

Thanks for reading these, I know these were long, but these will keep everything running smoothly. If you follow these and respect everyone, your experience here at Project Divine will be a great one! Once again, thank you for reading
Kind Regards,
Project Divine Team
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Project-Divine Rules
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